ECCAH has two types of Residency Training programs:

  1. Standard Residency Training Programs
  2. Alternate Residency Training Programs

Standard Residency Training Program:

These programs are the basis for the resident training programs.

Requirements: an approved Residency Training Centre,                                                                                                                                                         an approved Residency Training Plan including details of supervisors                                                                                                        an approved Program Director (who must be a Diplomate of the ECAAH)

The internship together within the Residency Training Program should comprise a minimum total time-period of three (3) years (+ one previous internship). This is the shortest route to qualify for the ECAAH examination.

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Alternate Residency Training Programs

A veterinarian whose circumstances do not permit enrolment in a standard residency programme may submit an alternate programme to the ECAAH, in conjunction with his/her supervisor, outlining the resources available to them, for advanced study and experience.

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