Diplomate Application

EBVS Reference letter

Evaluation of those becoming Diplomates of a College, as well as re-certification of all Diplomates, is an undoubtedly important part of maintaining EBVS Colleges’ high standards. For quality assurance purposes, reference letters are a necessary part of the evaluation/re-certification process in order to have third parties attest to a Diplomate’s good standing within the profession, and his or her continued activity in the speciality.

The following Reference letter form is to be used by two Referees in support of:
Founding Diplomates
De facto Diplomates
Re-certification of Diplomates
Diplomates of non-EBVS recognised Colleges (“Diplomates by equivalent exam”).
Veterinarians internationally recognised in the field of a College, when applying to sit the College’s examination without prior completion of a Residency programme.

This form below should be completed and returned by email to the EBVS Secretariat (for Founding diplomates; info@ebvs.eu) or to the College (for other categories; email College Secretary).

Download Reference Letter Form PDF

Download Reference Letter Form Word Doc